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Our house was an unusual/modern design that was developed by an architectural firm in Chicago. It presented a number of significant building challenges. Being from out of state, finding a contractor was not only a matter of selecting someone who could build a fine home, we needed someone we could trust. We interviewed many contactors in the area and got the feeling from some of them that they were just throwing numbers at us and would add to it as they figured out how to build it. Throughout our process of research and selection of contractors, Chris Lozano was the builder who earnestly tried to figure out how to build our house and solve the issues before we started.

Once awarded the project, Chris continued to find ways to resolve issues in an efficient and cost effective manner. Even with our changes and additions, we were able to keep the finished cost to within 3% of the estimate. Chris Lozano / Custom Carpentry finished our house ahead of schedule while ensuring our house was built to the highest standards. If I ever build another house, I'll need to make only one call.

- Edward Rebek
   Elmhurst, Illinois

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