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Dear Chris:

Well, now that you have completed our house and we have been living in it for a couple of months, we felt compelled to share our side of the construction experience.

It was fantastic...better than we could have ever expected.

It was difficult for us to entrust someone with the complete demolition and rebuild of our house, but even more so when we were doing the project from two and a half hours away. As we mentioned to you several times during the construction process, we have, on two occasions, remodeled our primary residence, so we knew what to anticipate with this project. We were wrong. Not only did you and your crews stick to the timeline, you also completed the project on budget and did an unbelievable job.

As you know, even the most detailed and studied building plans can have glitches in the construction and your team made on-site decisions that would be most beneficial to us. Whether it was moving walls or ensuring our kitchen cabinets were more secure, you made sure our needs came first...even if it took you and your team more time to do it.

The quality of your work is evident to everyone who walks in or by our house. In fact, we have had complete strangers stop us to tell us how great the house looks. Even better, our neighbors complimented your crew on their work ethic and respect to our neighborhood. A few were shocked that during the many snowstorms we experienced this past winter, your crew was out working.

We laughed every time we spoke to one of your references...nobody had anything but glowing reviews of you, your crews and their construction experience. You may now add us to that list. We have sung your praises to everyone who will listen - each of them as incredulous as we are!

Thank you so much and feel free to drop in for a cold one whenever you are in the neighborhood.

- Mike and Jill Gray

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