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To Custom Carpentry:

Now that we are in our wonderful new home, we are awed by how it started out as an idea and then a goal and finally a reality. A life transition can be a very delicate matter that can go wrong if not implemented properly. We still can't believe we had the incredible stroke of good luck to come across Chris Lozano of Custom Carpentry (“Builders of Dreams”). Chris, as it turned out, was one dream of a builder. We told him at one point that he was like the conductor of a great symphony.

Building a home consists of so many elements other than the actual construction and the number one requirement is communication. Chris made himself completely available to us. The business part of tracking costs, billing, and obtaining lien wavers were done with the utmost professionalism. Another important aspect of building our home was selecting all the materials. It is a job that can be overwhelming. We listened to Chris and went wherever he told us for selections such as windows and woodwork etc. and met up with representatives who were experts and had great products.

We followed his lead at every point and he never once let us down. Chris has assembled an asstoundingly skillful group of contractors who are completely loyal and respectful of him. Added to the quality of each person's skill, were timeliness, cheerfulness, and pride of work. It was a joy to visit the job site. It makes us happy today when we drive up to our new Custom Carpentry home and ask ourselves, who are the lucky people who get to live hear? Chris and his guys made it all possible for us to have had such a positive experience.

- Carolyn and Phil Hoskin
   Saugatuck, Michigan

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